I’m Proud to Be a Member of the Church of TED


As a person of faith, I’m inspired by the stories told and ideas shared through TED of what people are doing to make the world — and especially our local community — a better place.

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Why I’m Pro-Drones But Anti-Obama (On Drones)


I’m personally thrilled for the new possibilities of personal air travel and some of the possible domestic uses for drones. But I am 100% opposed to the Obama administration’s use of drone warfare for military purposes overseas and here at home.

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Three Keys to Viral Video Success


One of the best TED videos posted this week features YouTube’s trends manager Kevin Allocca speaking at last year’s TEDYouth event on “Why videos go viral.” As Allocca entertainingly explains (in just 7 minutes), the three keys to viral video success are …

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Here’s a Bold Topic: The Future of Christianity


Anthony Smith and I have applied to speak on the topic of “The Future of Christianity” at the second annual TEDxCharlotte conference being held October 15 at Queens University in Charlotte. Help us get selected by nominating us today!

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