Appreciative Inquiry: The 3 Stories In Every Situation


According to Rev. Dr. Rob Voyle, there are always three stories in every situation …

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Appreciative Inquiry and The Resistance


Appreciative inquiry is a method used in all kinds of organizations around systems change. What is working? And how can we do more of that to be more successful and/or happier? Whenever we ask ourselves these questions, there’s always resistance.

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Letting You Into Someone Else’s World


Since discovering David Wilcox’s music in the mid-’90s, I’ve become a big fan, and I consider him one of my all-time favorite storytellers.

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God Is A Poet


One of the standout highlights of Inhabit Conference was poet-in-residence Micah Bournes (pronounced Bor-nay).

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The Art of Non-Conformity


I had the privilege of giving a short introduction for Chris Guillebeau when he came through North Carolina on his 50-state, 10-province self-organized “Unconventional Book Tour” of North America. (A short snippet of which is included in this great mini-documentary by Crystal Street.) I’ve known Chris since 2008, when I published an article he’d written, […]

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Tom Davis Is Priceless


A few years ago, I heard that a guy named Tom Davis was going to be in Charlotte for some kind of celebrity sports event, a fundraiser for the organization he led called Children’s HopeChest. I knew we had a number of friends in common at the time (193 at the latest count, according to […]

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After Theology After Google


I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Theology After Google conference last week at Claremont School of Theology. As one of the presenters, I was challenged to follow the TED Commandments and present something original and entertaining and funny and succinct (I had 10-12 minutes). With at least one TED fellow in the audience, […]

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I’m Living the Life


This is just a quick update to say I’m having fun working with the team at Halogen, a new socially conscious cable television network based here in Charlotte. It’s also a shameless attempt to get the most views on my Halogen staff video! (Click to watch above) Seriously, since I joined Halogen three weeks ago, […]

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Future Tech


I (heart) futurists. I actually fancy myself to be sort of an armchair futurist (*wink*). I especially love learning about new technology and looking ahead to the potential implications and ramifications of these advances. Here are a couple of videos that I watched recently that scratched my futurist itch … Pranav Mistry shares at the […]

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Theology and Social Media


I had the opportunity to speak on theology and social media recently at the Christian Education 2.0 conference at Pfeiffer Unversity, which gave me a chance to think about three distinct challenges facing churches as they engage social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Second Life, blogs, etc.). I posted the presentation “The Theology of Twitter” on […]

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