Earth Hour In the Big Small City


It’s not just the big (mega?) cities that are observing Earth Hour this evening. My family is planning to participate, right here in Gastonia, North Carolina. I’m hoping to document it, as well, and post a video to show how we took part. We’ll probably pray a Celtic prayer, as well as pray for the […]

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The Tide Is Turning


This is the best thing since’s “Yes, We Can” video. Powerful, hopeful, motivational. (click to watch):

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Emergent and Me, Part 1


I thoroughly enjoyed reading Tony Jones‘ new book The New Christians: Dispatches from the Emergent Frontier. It’s basically the story of Emergent Village, told from Tony’s inimitable perspective, as well as his thoughts/assertions about the broader emerging church movement. (Yes, he calls it a “movement.”) I must start off by saying that I think of […]

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A St. Patty’s Day Conversation with Anthony Smith


Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, and it was also the three-year “anniversary” of my friendship with Anthony Smith. After dinner (thanks, Mom, great lasagna!), we enjoyed some Wii bowling and some Guinness, and then we sat down to record this half-hour conversation. Click to watch: Anthony unpacks “Africentric theology” and explains the differences between it […]

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Out on the Bleeding Edge


New technology fascinates me, partly because I know it’s far beyond my own ability to develop these things and partly because I want to know what’s coming “next,” what innovations are going to change our lives a year from now or five years from now. Here are a few things that I’ve come across recently: […]

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The “Guys Weekend” Has Begun


Becky and Olyvia are in Texas visiting Becky’s family for a few days, which means I’m home tending to the boys (Hayden and Elliot). Their “Girls Weekend” in Texas has resulted in the converse “Guys Weekend” for us here in North Carolina. It officially started last night with a “late night” viewing with Hayden of […]

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Deep Right-Brain-iology


My Wikiklesia friend John La Grou attended the TED conference last week, and he sent me this email today: “A neuro-scientist named Jill Taylor gave a short talk that was probably the most profound depiction of the ‘deep right brain experience’ that I had ever seen or heard. Please check this out when you have […]

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It’s 3 a.m., What is Hillary Clinton Thinking?!


I love this. The girl who starred in the Hillary Clinton “3 a.m. Call” ad has come out in support of Barack Obama. And Larry David (from Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm fame) has a brilliant little rant on Hillary’s “3 a.m. Call” ad over on the Huffington Post. Click to listen to Larry David […]

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Coming Soon: SteveTV?


My inaugural post for the Digital Leadnet blog went up this morning. It’s all about the democratization of live webcasting/streaming. Thanks to DJ for inviting me to join this sharp group of people. What do you think, ya’ll? Are you ready for SteveTV?

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Take a Flying (Random) Leap!


Some random thoughts on a leap day: No leap seconds this year. Kester Brewin gets all deep and theological over leap day. No leap day in the year 2100. Phyllis Tickle explains why—and then gets all deep and theological. (sigh) No prohibition of women asking men to marry them on leap day. Seth Barnes lets […]

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