Hillary Was Here


Yes, I must acknowledge the fact that Hillary Clinton made a visit to my town on Saturday. (I missed Barack in Charlotte on Friday night because of Iron Man.) If I had gone to see Hillary (which I didn’t), I would’ve given this woman a high-five: And I would’ve given this guy (on the right, […]

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For What It’s Worth …


If anyone is still undecided, Tom Hanks should make up your mind for you right now (click to watch): Seriously, that’s pretty great. He done it all by hisself, people! Well, he is a major Hollywood director, so he should know how to record a video for the Interweb. Quoth Hanks, “Here in the third […]

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The Empire Strikes Barack


I don’t know who these people are who have all this time to create these viral videos, but … I love them, whoever they are. This is simply stupendous. I’m stupefied. You’d be stupid not to watch this (click to watch): Dear fellow North Carolinians, don’t go over to the dark side—vote for Barack Obama […]

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Alice Walker: “To My Sisters Who Are Brave”


A friend recently called my blog the “Obama News Network” because of all my political posts. I’ve diversified things a bit with my recent updates on “post-congregationalism,” but today I read this amazing essay by Alice Walker and I just have to share some excerpts from it: I am a supporter of Obama because I […]

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“A New Mode of Ministry”? More Thoughts on Being Post-Congregational


You know how once you start thinking about something, all of a sudden you start noticing that thing everywhere you look? Yeah, this week has been like that in my Internet travels. Here are just a few of the stops I’ve visited along the way … Starving Ecclesial Artists Unite! Mark Van Steenwyk gives an […]

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Some Thoughts On Being Post-Congregational


I don’t have time to piece together a coherent train of thought between these random links, but these are some of the things I’m pondering right now as it pertains to being “post-church”/”post-congregational”: Dear Disillusioned Generation “Obviously it is essential that we as Christians intentionally build relationships with nonbelievers in pubs and laundromats, because that […]

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Earth Day is Tuesday


I’ve seen a few people claiming today was Earth Day. AAAAAARRRRRRNKKKKKK! Wrong. Earth Day is April 22, folks. Which means Tuesday is the day. And to get us all in the mood, check out this wild TV spot (click to watch): Yeah, that’s the Reverends — Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson — coming together across […]

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Whatta Week! I’m Tired.


I had lunch with Tim Conder up in Durham last Friday. I had coffee with Tom Davis on Monday morning here in Charlotte. I had lunch with some great folks from Adventive on Wednesday. I taped “The Danny Fontana Show” with Anthony Smith on Thursday afternoon (more on that in a later post). Then Thursday […]

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Register by Friday


Our primary here in North Carolina is Tuesday, May 6, but this Friday, April 11, is the deadline to register to vote. I finally got around to sorting this out today. Here are the easy steps to making sure your vote is counted in this increasingly important election: Registration Lookup — Are you already registered […]

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40 Years Ago Today


I’ve posted this video before, but I was reminded of this historic anniversary this week by listening to NPR yesterday and wanted to post it again (click to watch):

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