888: The Mark of the Bigots?


That’s the number of hate groups in the United States as of 2007: 888. This marks a steep rise in the number of these groups since 2000, driven almost exclusively on anti-immigrant sentiments in the post-9/11 era. I know that not all of my friends (and others who read my blog) agree with me on […]

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The Justice Kitchen in Gastonia


It’s official, Becky and I are going to be hosting The Justice Kitchen at our home on Monday, August 4. We’re really excited about meeting Jason and Brooke Evans from The Ecclesia Collective in San Diego. (These are the folks who brought us Make Something Day!) I feel they really have a lot of the […]

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HyperConnected: What Can Blue Do for You?


According to a 16-page IDC whitepaper (sponsored by Nortel) released in May, 16% of the current global workforce are “hyperconnected” and that number will (without a doubt) grow to between 25% and 40% “within a few years.” (HT: Beth Kanter) By all accounts (and my own admission), I am one of these “hyperconnected” 16 percenters. […]

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Data Visualization: U.S. Energy Consumption Out of Control


HT to TreeHugger (via Rick Bennett) for this chart and commentary: “We have our gadget- and monster appliance-obsessed culture to blame for this. As long as the orange-line slope remains so much more positive than the red one, we are doing the planet a serious disservice.” Amen and amen:

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Data Visualization: Violence in Zimbabwe


White African points us to Sokwanele, a site that is mapping and charting the violence going on in Zimbabwe. Kudos to Erik Hersman and Ushahidi (in Kenya) and now Sokwanele for using technology to expose injustice. This is quite literally the opposite of GraphJam. This is data visualization for a good cause, the cause of […]

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Conspicuous Consumption


Yes, I am a consumer. And unreflective consumerism is one of the deadliest sins of evangelical Christianity, so to cleanse myself I thought I’d have a little consumerist confessional: For Father’s Day, Becky bought me the new Tyler Burkum CD Darling, Maybe Someday. I’m enjoying it thoroughly. For Mother’s Day, I bought her one of […]

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Tshirt Heresy Blogwatch: Tony Jones


Inspired by the good folks at Totem To Temple, I’ve decided to start my own investigative blogreporting of Tshirt heresy, and what better place to start than with the already-heretical emergent church, right? So here with my first installment is visual evidence of Emergent Village national coordinator Tony Jones from the opening night of the […]

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Another Interesting Data Visualization


Some people call it “climate change.” If this is anywhere close to being accurate, the term “global warming” does not seem so off (click to watch): Blogged with the Flock Browser Tags: data, visualization, climate, globalwarming

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Data Visualization Gone Wild


I’m a big fan of good data visualization. Ever since I heard Jeff Veen at an Internet conference years ago, I’ve followed his work (most recently with Google) and writing on the subject pretty religiously. But GraphJam is different. It’s just plain funny. Here are a few of my favorites: more graph humor and song […]

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Tyler Burkum on “One Tree Hill”


My friend Ty got his song “End of the Road” played on the season finale of some show on The CW network called “One Tree Hill.” Pretty outstanding. Here’s the scene (click to watch): Now go listen to the song without all the talking over it and order Tyler’s new CD, Darling, Maybe Someday.

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