Noble Exchange on Halogen


My friend Tamara Park is a producer on a new show on Halogen called “Noble Exchange: Africa.” The concept of the show is “What the West can learn from Africa.” The show features interviews with African artists, businesspeople, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, writers, etc. — and the wisdom they have to share with the rest of the […]

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Remembering a Friend Who Died With AIDS


Tomorrow the Knight family is joining some Twitter friends to participate in the 2009 Charlotte AIDS Walk to raise awareness, to raise money for the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network (a great local organization), and to remember those who have passed on. Tomorrow I’ll be walking, in part, in memory of Joe Hallett, the first person […]

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Join in the Advent Conspiracy


I’m just doing my part to help spread the word about Advent Conspiracy by driving this video up the Viral Video Chart: (HT: Jonathan Brink)

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“The Kingdom of God Is Within You”


Written by Count Leo Tolstoy. Embedded by me using the new Google Book Search embed functionality: I’ve been thinking about reading this, so now I can read it right here on my own website. Nifty!

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Church Basement Roadshow, Justice Kitchen, and More Coming Up!


It’s here! The “Church Basement Roadshow: A Rollin’ Gospel Revival” featuring Tony Jones, Doug Pagitt, and Mark Scandrette rolls into Charlotte today. Two weeks ago, Charlotte Observer religion writer Tim Funk wrote, “What should you expect? An old-fashioned revival with a postmodern message.” I think this new video does a pretty good job of capturing […]

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A Trip to a Brothel Village


My friend Steve Ernst is a kingdom journalist in South India. He’s posting video podcasts of his experiences and telling stories. This one just blew me away: WHITEBULLRUNNING.COM – Podcast #2 from Stephen Ernst on Vimeo. Reminds me how important the work of Not For Sale is, and I’m grateful for my friends (including the […]

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Hauerwas: “I’ll Probably Vote for Obama”


On June 29, Renovatus Church in Charlotte hosted Dr. Stanley Hauerwas for a special Q&A discussion to wrap up the church’s recent series on the Gospel of Matthew, which involved reflections on Hauerwas’ commentary of that book. Pastor Jonathan Martin shared a wonderful introduction to Hauerwas, which you can read on Jonathan’s blog. Some of […]

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Anthony Unpacks the Blues


Anthony Smith is at Cornerstone Festival 2008 in Bushnell, Illinois. He’s there this week presenting a five-session seminar series entitled “Songs of Exile: Our Calling as a Blues People.” This is how he describes the series: The Bible in a minor key laments this troubled world, like the Blues. Prophets and psalmists call us to […]

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2010: A Gas$$$ Odyssey


It looks like 2010 is the deadline for peak oil and a potential financial downturn: “… on June 27 the Vice President of Kuwait’s national oil company gave a talk to a group of energy industry who’s whos. He claims: ‘By 2010, the production of the fuel that has driven the world’s economy will start […]

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Heckuva Job, McCain!


You know, I’m a big Obama supporter, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have positive things to say about McCain. Take for instance his meeting today with evangelical giants Billy Graham and Franklin Graham. It had looked earlier like McCain was fumbling the important Graham blessing, and Obama bested him by getting to Franklin Graham […]

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