My Interview on Racism with Every Day Grace TV


I was honored to be invited by Mary Andreolli to be interviewed for Every Day Grace TV — along with the amazing Holly Roach — on the topic of racism and specifically what we, as white people, can do to end racism. Please watch and share:

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Why I’m Pro-Drones But Anti-Obama (On Drones)


I’m personally thrilled for the new possibilities of personal air travel and some of the possible domestic uses for drones. But I am 100% opposed to the Obama administration’s use of drone warfare for military purposes overseas and here at home.

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Conservatives Against Amendment One


The campaign against the proposed constitutional amendment in the state of North Carolina is broad-based and bipartisan. It’s not just a liberal, pro-gay thing!

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It’s All About Jobs … Right?


Yesterday I had the privilege of being interviewed by Doug Pagitt on his weekly radio show, discussing a new report released last week from the Johns Hopkins Non-Profit Economic Data Project that shows how non-profits have outpaced for-profits over the past 10 years in terms of job creation.

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The Plastic Age


This is a guest post by Dennis Teall-Fleming: We look back on historical epochs and give them names, usually described by the things we humans make during that period. Bronze Age, Iron Age, Industrial Age, Nuclear Age … Guess what they’ll call the past hundred years in a millennia or two? The Plastic Age! Yea, […]

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The future is … BROWN!


This is a guest post by Dennis Teall-Fleming: There’s no denying it, by the year 2050, there will not be a racial/ethnic majority in the U.S. In the next decade, that will become true of people under 18, very quickly. Yes, it seems that the U.S. is finally going to live up to its message […]

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Three Tweets on Human Trafficking


These three tweets on the subject of human trafficking all came across my Twitter stream today, and each one struck me as a powerful piece of information. (This is exactly why I swim in the Twitter stream, after all, to find interesting useful new information!) I thought I’d just compile them here for others I […]

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Conservative #FAIL


We’re now two weeks into the Barack Obama administration, and we’re beginning to see the decisions he is making as president, what kind of leader he is (and is most likely going to be for the next four years), etc. I just feel compelled to share a word of caution for my conservative* friends who […]

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Online Forum


A shift occurred this past week. It’s too early to tell what the long-term effects or significance of it will be, but my cheese has definitely moved—from my blog over to my Facebook profile. Now that Facebook has refashioned itself as an aggregator for all kinds of online content feeds, my profile there has become […]

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Campaign To Nowhere


Sorry, I couldn’t resist: Come on, America! Adopt the slogan: Thanks, But No Thanks!

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