Salvation Is A Story


I had the privilege of being interviewed (with my son Elliot in my arms, at Wild Goose Festival) by Travis Reed of The Work of the People and Alter Video Magazine.

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Here’s Something Beautiful: Friendship


I’ve known Jonathan Blundell, from the Something Beautiful podcast, for a number of years now. Last week, I had the chance to meet him in person for the very first time!

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The Best Video on the Internet


This video comes from the Personal Democracy Forum conference earlier this week in New York. The speaker is Jim Gilliam, founder of 3dna and an Internet pioneer/veteran. The subject is “The Internet Is My Religion,” and in this short, 12-minute TED-style talk, Jim shares his personal story and how he’s come to view the Internet as his religion.

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The Rise of Teleseminars


I’m fascinated by the rise of the “teleseminar” in recent months — especially because of the quality of the content and the low cost to participate (often free!).

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The Art of Non-Conformity


I had the privilege of giving a short introduction for Chris Guillebeau when he came through North Carolina on his 50-state, 10-province self-organized “Unconventional Book Tour” of North America. (A short snippet of which is included in this great mini-documentary by Crystal Street.) I’ve known Chris since 2008, when I published an article he’d written, […]

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Foursquare Time Machine


So let’s see if I can pull all these disparate threads together … I took my Strengthsfinder survey this week, and discovered that my #1 strength is Ideation. What does this mean? It proves what I’ve always said … about myself … I’m an incorrigible idea person. So here’s one idea that I just couldn’t […]

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After Theology After Google


I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Theology After Google conference last week at Claremont School of Theology. As one of the presenters, I was challenged to follow the TED Commandments and present something original and entertaining and funny and succinct (I had 10-12 minutes). With at least one TED fellow in the audience, […]

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I’m Living the Life


This is just a quick update to say I’m having fun working with the team at Halogen, a new socially conscious cable television network based here in Charlotte. It’s also a shameless attempt to get the most views on my Halogen staff video! (Click to watch above) Seriously, since I joined Halogen three weeks ago, […]

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Theology After Google (And Me)


I’m positively geeking out at this point about the Theology After Google conference, March 10-12, in Claremont, California, because one of my all-time heroes of the Web and journalism—Jeff Jarvis (—is now planning to participate in the conference via Skype. Jarvis is a former TV critic for TV Guide and People magazine, and he’s the […]

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In My New Element


No, I didn’t buy a new car. It’s something even better! I’m excited to finally be able to share that I’ll be starting my new job next week as Social Media Manager for the Halogen TV network, based here in Charlotte. Halogen’s tagline is “socially conscious empowering entertainment,” and all of the station’s content revolves […]

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