My Interview With Moby


In June 1995, I found myself hanging out with Moby in the back of his tour bus, parked outside of First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis. He was in the middle of his headlining tour for Everything Is Wrong, which was named “Album of the Year” by Spin magazine. And he talked to me about his […]

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My Wild Goose Festival 2012 Scrapbook


I’ve spent some time over the past week, since Wild Goose Festival 2012 ended, trying to capture all of the words and photos and videos and reflections on what was a powerful experience for so many of us.

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My Plans for Wild Goose Festival 2012


This year the Wild Goose Festival schedule has been posted online well in advance of the event itself, and I’ve gone through and mercilessly planned out how I’m going to spend my days.

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Why Wild Goose Festival Was So Magical


I’m trying to put into words the experience of the first annual Wild Goose Festival that took place a week ago at Shakori Hills farm in North Carolina. And that’s the word that I keep coming back around to describe the first flight of the Wild Goose — magic.

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Letting You Into Someone Else’s World


Since discovering David Wilcox’s music in the mid-’90s, I’ve become a big fan, and I consider him one of my all-time favorite storytellers.

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