Best Stories = Best Leaders


The line that is still sticking with me: “Those who tell the best stories will become the best leaders.” (Jennifer Aaker) What do you think? Watch the video below and see why I’ll be showing this video in all my future workshops! Post by Knightopia.   BTW — this is my first embedded post from […]

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RIP Edith Schaeffer


I’m reflecting on the impact of the Schaeffer family on my life, because Edith Schaeffer died today at the age of 99. I met her in 1996 and interviewed her for my underground magazine, Kamikaze.

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I’m Proud to Be a Member of the Church of TED


As a person of faith, I’m inspired by the stories told and ideas shared through TED of what people are doing to make the world — and especially our local community — a better place.

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Why I’m Pro-Drones But Anti-Obama (On Drones)


I’m personally thrilled for the new possibilities of personal air travel and some of the possible domestic uses for drones. But I am 100% opposed to the Obama administration’s use of drone warfare for military purposes overseas and here at home.

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My Interview With Moby


In June 1995, I found myself hanging out with Moby in the back of his tour bus, parked outside of First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis. He was in the middle of his headlining tour for Everything Is Wrong, which was named “Album of the Year” by Spin magazine. And he talked to me about his […]

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A Force of Will


This is what I said in my endorsement of Mike Stavlund’s new grief memoir, “A Force of Will,” available now from Amazon.

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I Started a Company and I Need Your Help


With the help of my friend and business partner Phil Shepherd, I launched a new media company a couple of weeks ago called Sogo. Sogo is a new kind of Christian television network … on YouTube!

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Why I’m Defending Billy Graham


I realize I’m a very unlikely defender of Billy Graham’s legacy, but here’s why I’m speaking out.

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Religion As Participation


Father Richard Rohr says, “Some are calling theology right now ‘a turn toward participation.’ … And this is happening in all of our groups.”

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50 Shades of Grace


I can’t wait for the Christian knock-offs of the “50 Shades of Grey” books. Possible titles? Here’s my suggestion!

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