Process Theology and the Emergent Church


The annual Emergent Village Theological Conversation has been going on this week at Claremont School of Theology in Claremont, California. Here’s my attempt at curating the content coming out of #EVTC.

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Dear Apple,


I believe what’s coming (not yet written on the page) is a major backlash against Apple as a corporation.

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Left, Right, and Gut


Lately I’ve been thinking about creativity and intuition — left brain, right brain, and … gut.

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To Collaborate or Not to Collaborate?


There’s been some interesting online conversation lately about the subject of collaboration — both pro and con, interestingly enough.

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It’s All About Jobs … Right?


Yesterday I had the privilege of being interviewed by Doug Pagitt on his weekly radio show, discussing a new report released last week from the Johns Hopkins Non-Profit Economic Data Project that shows how non-profits have outpaced for-profits over the past 10 years in terms of job creation.

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YES: You Are the Future of Content Curation


One of my favorite tech geeks is Chris Pirillo of Recently, Chris posted this delicious morsel from TLDR (The LockerGnome Daily Report), making some salient points about how online content will be shaped now and in the future.

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YES: Your Industry Is Dead


Long live, (whatever your industry is)!

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YES: Twitter Is “The Future of Media”


Ben Parr thinks Twitter is the future of media. But is it really? Here’s my two cents.

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Missional Conversations with … Kathy Escobar


Last month, I decided to start a series of monthly #missionalchat conversations on Twitter, on the third Monday of the month. Back in December, the conversation was with Kathy Escobar. Here is my interview with Kathy following that first experimental #missionalchat.

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The Start of a New Year


Thankfully I’m on the rebound just in time to tell you about some of the things I have coming up, places I’ll be speaking and opportunities to perhaps cross paths with some of you around the country.

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