“Stephen Knight rocks Christianity.” —Star Tribune, 6/21/1996

My name is Steve Knight, and I’m passionate about media, technology, and the future of Christianity, particularly in North America. I’m co-founder of Transform Network, a contemplative missional activism network, and I currently serve as Pastor of Social Justice and Activism for Missiongathering Charlotte. I’m co-founder of Sogo Media, a new kind of Christian television network on YouTube. I’m also the director of marketing and sales for Chalice Press.

Steve Knight in Senegal, February 2007

“[Steve Knight] is a luminary, if you will, in the emergent world of Christianity.” —Chris Yaw, ChurchNext.TV

2011-2013: I served full-time as a leadership development consultant for Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation, part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination. I helped recruit new emergent missional (“outside the box”) church planters, as well as helped to develop “The Journey” program for existing churches seeking revitalization.

In 2010: I spent a year doing social media marketing for Halogen, a socially conscious cable TV network, as well as other freelance clients.

From 2006-2009: I served as International Communication Coordinator of SIM (Serving In Mission), a global Christian mission organization. During my short time with SIM, I had the opportunity to travel to Africa twice (Senegal and Kenya), the UK three times, Canada once, and Asia three times (Singapore, Thailand, and Korea).

From 2000 to 2006: I worked for “God’s Ambassador,” Billy Graham. I began as Internet Editor (developing content for a youth website called passageway.org), became Senior Internet Editor (overseeing content development for 20+ websites), and eventually worked my way up to being manager of the BGEA Internet division.

In addition to writing for BGEA’s websites, I also traveled nationally and internationally to cover a number of events for Decision magazine.

Steve Knight in Moldova, July 2005

“[Steve Knight] is a rising star among the new evangelicals.” —Crossroads Radio

Before working for Billy Graham, I served in campus ministry at the University of Minnesota for two years, where I designed and maintained the website ChristianStudent.com.

Prior to campus ministry, I was involved in youth outreach through an off-shoot organization of Youth With a Mission called Steiger International. With Steiger in 1996, I traveled for six months throughout Germany, Poland, Singapore, and New Zealand. I designed and published my first website with Steiger in 1997, as well as editing my first digital video.

Steve Knight in Argentina, November 2003

I edited and published Kamikaze Magazine, an underground ‘zine, for five years, starting in 1991. During that time, I interviewed many music artists, visual artists, and authors, and I wrote music reviews, as well as doing some of the graphic design/layout.

In June 1996, the Star Tribune newspaper wrote, “In Japanese, Kamikaze literally means ‘divine wind,’ but it may also be a cheeky description of Knight’s editorial mission impossible: to find a harmonious middle ground between different generations, denominations, theists, skeptics, Reaganites and pagans.” A more apt description of my life’s mission and purpose has probably never been written (although I would prefer to say “common ground,” not “middle ground”).



Knightopia: It’s like utopia — only better!

“Utopia is not a free imagination.
Utopia is a matter of innermost urgency.
You are forced to imagine it, as the only way out.
And this is what we need today.”
—Slavoj Žižek