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I’m excited to be able to share my recent interview with Anthony Smith (a.k.a. Postmodern Negro). His name will be familiar to Knightopia readers. I’ve shared quite a bit from our adventures together over the past seven years of friendship and missional ministry together.

Anthony was my guest for last month’s #missionalchat on Twitter*. Right after that wrapped up, Anthony sat down with me for a Skype videochat interview. It was on Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 16), and Anthony spoke about his own personal family connection to Dr. King, as well as Dr. King’s larger legacy and influence on Anthony’s own missional activity through Mission House in Salisbury, North Carolina. Here’s that interview:

Read a detailed transcript of Anthony’s insights from the January 2012 #missionalchat over on the Emergent Village Voice blog.


*Tune into #missionalchat on Twitter on Monday, February 20 for a discussion with Chris Smith (@ERBks) about his new e-book The Virtue of Dialogue: Conversation As A Hopeful Practice of Church Communities.



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Posted on 02-07-2012

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