Delivering a Straight Apology


Kathy Baldock wearing her Str8Apology T-shirtWhat have I gotten myself into? Well, I’ll find out on Saturday, when I join a group of gay-affirming Christians at the Charlotte Pride Festival to deliver a Str8Apology to the LGBT community in our city.

This all started when Kathy Baldock of Canyonwalker Connections began to sound the alarm that two Christian groups in the Charlotte area — the Coalition of Conscience and The Speak Truth Project — planned to join together to bring their anti-affirming “God Has A Better Way” message to the LGBT community during Pride Festival.

I honestly had no plans to attend Pride Festival. I had no idea of the history of “God Has A Better Way” in Charlotte or its connections to the global anti-gay messages promoted by Lou Engle of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City.

There’s a frightening video of Engle stirring up Ugandan Christians in support of anti-gay legislation there, what was known as the “Kill The Gays” bill, because it literally advocated the death penalty or life imprisonment for gays and lesbians in that country! Engle has most recently been connected to presidential candidate Rick Perry and the New Apostolic Reformation movement, through Perry’s recent “prayer rally” in Texas (just one week before he launched his presidential bid).

Engle was apparently scheduled to be in Charlotte in support of the anti-gay “God Has A Better Way” rally, but he has now been “called away” on other “kingdom business.” Can I just say that as long as Christian leaders like Engle and Dr. Michael Brown are deemed “evangelical,” I don’t want to have any part in evangelicalism?

Well, I’ll be at Charlotte Pride Festival this Saturday, along with Kathy Baldock and Lisa Salazar (a transgender Christian leader and board member for Canyonwalker Connections) who are flying in to be part of delivering this message of God’s unconditional love to our LGBT friends and neighbors. I’m excited to meet them and stand with them to share this important message. Hopefully the media will notice that the Christian Church is no longer speaking with one, monolithic anti-gay voice.

I’d love your support:

  • Sign this petition – hopefully many of you can do this, it’s simply an appeal to those planning to participate in “God Has A Better Way”
  • Join us in Charlotte on Saturday for the Str8Apology – RSVP on the Facebook event
  • Pray – whatever you think or believe, pray for good conversations on Saturday and for friendships to form across lines of division


    Posted on 08-25-2011

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