Here’s a Bold Topic: The Future of Christianity


In an effort to live a bold story, Anthony Smith and I have applied to speak on the topic of “The Future of Christianity” at the second annual TEDxCharlotte conference being held October 15 at Queens University in Charlotte.

TEDxCharlotteIf you’re not familiar with TEDx, it’s the local version of the TED (Technology Entertainment Design) conferences held twice per year in California and the UK. The cost to attend the main TED events is very expensive, but the videos of all the TED talks are made available online for free. You are paying for the experience of attending TED and access to the amazing people that are part of the TED community.

The mission of TED is spreading ideas, and Anthony and I think we have a pretty provocative idea about where the Christian faith is heading, which we think is worth sharing at TEDxCharlotte 2011 (and then spreading beyond there). Please help us get there by spreading this blog post around today! (See more details on how you can help us get there below.)

Tim Will and Steve Knight at TEDxCharlotte 2010I had the privilege of attending the first TEDxCharlotte event last year, where I was able to hear first-hand some of the amazing talks that were given there — by folks like Doc Hendley (founder of Wine To Water), Molly Barker (founder of Girls On The Run), Patrick Dougherty (stickwork sculptor), and probably my favorite Tim Will (co-founder of Farmers Fresh Market). It was a great party, and I reckon the second event will be even better.

If you live in the Charlotte region and you’d like to help Anthony Smith and me get selected to speak at TEDxCharlotte 2011, here’s how you can nominate us via the TEDxCLT website:

     1) Go to

     2) Put in your personal contact info in the first section

     3) Under “one paragraph bio” put: “Steve Knight and Anthony Smith”

     4) Under “one paragraph TED Talk topic” put: “The Future of Christianity”

That’s what we’ll hopefully be speaking on: the ways in which the Christian faith is evolving and adapting to new realities brought about by science, philosophy, and technology. (One guy I think we might be quoting in that talk, if we are selected, is Rob Bell — check out his comments, toward the end of this interview, on how discoveries in quantum physics are going to radically change the way we understand Christian spirituality.)

The TEDxCharlotte organizers are taking nominations until today (June 15), so please go to the form and fill it out for us right now!

And then sign up to attend TEDxCharlotte (you’ll have to be selected also, because it’s invitation-only!) so you can be there in October to hopefully hear Anthony and I give this talk. Wouldn’t that be cool?


Photo of Tim Will and Steve Knight by Rhiannon Bowman



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Posted on 06-15-2011


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