Launching My New Email Newsletter

Launching My New Email Newsletter


Today (June 1, 2011) I’m launching my new email newsletter. If you want to know why I’m launching an email newsletter, you’ll have to subscribe to find out! (That’ll be the subject of my first update, going out around 12pm ET.)

Here’s what I can tell you upfront:

    1) I promise not to spam you! I’m planning on emailing about once per month, but I reserve the right to send slightly more often. In either case, I won’t be filling up your inbox.

    2) I promise not to sell my list, ever. I might occasionally promote an event I’m involved with or a good book or other resource. But I won’t be selling your email address to anyone anytime.

    3) I promise to keep it focused on communication and mission, or, in other words, my two favorite subjects: telling stories and throwing parties. If you like stories and/or parties (gatherings/events/conferences/social networking), then you’ll want to sign up! (This also means I’m going to try and keep politics and theology out of my email, although I reserve the right to throw some in from time to time to spice things up.)

    4) I promise to make it fun and interesting! There’s a lot of great stuff that I come across on the Web that I usually share on Twitter and/or Facebook (and occasionally Google Reader), but I’m going to sift through the best of that stuff and bring it to you in my email updates. You won’t want to miss it!

That’s about it. Please subscribe today so you don’t miss a single issue/edition/update.

Any questions?



Posted on 06-01-2011

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