Appreciative Inquiry: Purpose and Mission


Much of coaching, using the appreciative inquiry model, is about helping people clarify their goals. And clarifying goals starts with understanding one’s purpose and one’s mission in the world. Rev. Dr. Rob Voyle describes one’s “purpose” as being your eternal identity, that thing you were created to be and to do.

For the past few years, I’ve summarized my own personal purpose as “telling stories and throwing parties” (a.k.a., my personal brand). My “mission” out of that, the current manifestation or outworking of my “purpose,” is that I’m working full-time with Hope Partnership and TransFORM Network to organize training events, networking people to make meaningful connections, inviting and (hopefully) inspiring others to form new missional communities of practice. That’s what I’m doing right now. That’s my current “mission” in life.

The interesting piece to me is how this personal/individual purpose and mission (my story) ties back into the purpose and mission of God in the world (God’s story). Who is God? And what is God doing? These are very missional questions. And if I stop to ask myself how I can join with God in what God is doing in the world, then I’m asking myself a deeply missional question. I’ve found deep joy and satisfaction in aligning my personal purpose and mission with God’s purpose and mission, and that’s what compels me forward to share that with others.

What would you say is your “purpose” and/or “mission” in life? Do you even agree with Voyle’s definitions or do you disagree?

This video is a few years old now, but you can’t get much better advice on the subject of “Building Personal Brand Within the Social Media Landscape” than from Gary Vaynerchuk. (Warning: GaryVee uses some adult language.)



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Posted on 05-22-2011

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