Letting You Into Someone Else’s World

Letting You Into Someone Else’s World


Out at Kanuga this weekend, the second annual Wilcox Weekend has been taking place. I keep missing out on this wonderful gathering, in part because I’m not a musician, although that’s really not a prerequisite to participation. It’s really just a community of fans of David Wilcox, and we come in all stripes, even some of us non-musical types.

Since discovering Wilcox’s music in the mid-’90s, I’ve become a big fan, and I consider him one of my all-time favorite storytellers. My friend Blaine Howard did an interview with Wilcox for Kamikaze Magazine that was one of the first where he really openly spoke about his faith and spirituality. Becky and I even had our friend Dave Burkum perform Wilcox’s “Show The Way” at our wedding, back in 1995.

Just watch this documentary teaser, and you’ll see how David’s songs touch people’s personal stories intimately and deeply:

Here’s an update on the David Wilcox documentary project.

Don’t miss David Wilcox (and many other great musicians and storytellers) at Wild Goose Festival (June 23-26 at Shakori Hills farm, outside Durham, NC) — ticket prices go up today but you can save 8% with discount code “trans4m” thru May 31!



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Posted on 05-15-2011

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