God Is A Poet

God Is A Poet


One of the standout highlights of Inhabit Conference was poet-in-residence Micah Bournes (pronounced Bor-nay). Micah had performed some of his signature spoken word at a conference in Oregon back in February and came to our attention. Suffice it to say, we were blown away by his contributions at Inhabit.

Here are some links to videos from Inhabit of Micah doing his thing:
“What Can I Do?”
“I Love Y’All … For Real”

Below is an interview with Micah by Travis Reed at The Work of the People/Alter Video Magazine, where he discusses how the theological concept of “ex nihilo” (“out of nothing”) is really incorrect. Why? Because the biblical narrative tells us that God used words to create worlds.

As an avid coffee drinker, I love Micah’s comparison of art to coffee. And as an ecclesial entrepreneur, I love the integration of poetry and storytelling into church/faith community that Micah describes and advocates for.

The interview is followed by a rendition of Micah’s poem “Ex Nihilo,” so keep watching:


I have an older brother (Matthew A. Knight) who writes a lot of poetry, and he’s started putting some of it out for sale as Kindle ebooks. Check it out!

I’m excited to read about a video project on faith and creativity being filmed at Wild Goose Festival (June 23-26 at Shakori Hills farm, outside of Durham, NC) by the good people from The Image of Fish. Tickets for Wild Goose go up in price on May 15 so order yours ASAP. Get 8% off by using discount code “trans4m”!



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Posted on 05-13-2011

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