The Rise of Teleseminars


I’m fascinated by the rise of the “teleseminar” in recent months — especially because of the quality of the content and the low cost to participate (often free!). I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised, since I did predict e-coaching would be a growing trend way back in August 2008.

Back then, I predicted that these coaching networks would be delivering their content via live videoconferencing, and that may be happening in the more “professional” (i.e., expensive/paid) coaching networks. For the more grassroots e-coaching, the teleseminar has clearly turned out to be the medium of choice. Good old audio — delivered online and over the phone. And the way these e-coaches are hoping to earn money is by offering other products for sale around the main product, which is offered free of charge.

Unfortunately, the way these teleseminars are often set up can look and feel like a scam, requiring a name and email address to access the content. Anyone weary of getting more spam in their inbox might choose to look the other way, but they’d be missing out! My experience with teleseminars so far has been very positive. The email updates I’ve received have been informative and helpful, and the free content of these teleseminars has been high-quality, exclusive, and interesting.

Here’s a quick look at two teleseminars going on right now:

Social Entrepreneurship Empowerment Series

Halogen TV published an interview I did with Ryan Eliason, the organizer of The Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series, which launched featuring interviews with Bill Drayton (Ashoka), Lynne Twist (The Soul of Money), and John Robbins (The Food Revolution). That was just day one!

The Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Series will feature interviews with 39 leading voices in the world of “social entrepreneurship” and conscious business — men and women who are sharing their advice on how to do both well (for yourself, personally and financially) and good (for others and for the planet). There are a lot of amazing interviews coming up that I’m looking forward to, with folks like Marianne Williamson, Van Jones, Mari Smith, and others.

Read the full interview with Ryan Eliason on »

The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity

Another teleseminar series that I’ve been following over the past month or so is one organized by Michael Dowd, the author of Thank God for Evolution, called “The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity.”

So far the series has featured interviews with a number of leading voices in the world of progressive and emergent Christianity, including Brian McLaren, Fr. Richard Rohr, Sally Morgenthaler, Doug Pagitt, Philip Clayton, and Spencer Burke.

One interview that I’m particularly looking forward to listening to is one with Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired magazine and author of numerous books including his latest What Technology Wants, on the subject of “Faith at the Leading Edge of Technology.”

As many wise people have written about, I believe we are in the midst of a period of great upheaval — in the world and in realm of the Christian faith. I believe communities of faith have a very important role to play in changing the story and defining a better future. I’m grateful for resources like these to inspire and challenge all of us who will have ears to hear. I encourage you to tune in.

Find out more about Evolutionary Christianity and the six live panel discussions that are starting this Saturday »



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Posted on 01-11-2011


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