It’s Thursday … But Saturday’s Comin’!

It’s Thursday … But Saturday’s Comin’!


I was “quoted” today in Rick Bennett’s blog post “An Obituary for the Emerging Church.” It’s an honor to be “cited” in the midst of such esteemed company. Yes, I’m using effusive quotation marks to denote that this article is pure satire. This is actually the culmination of a trifecta of posts from Rick.

All I can say is: It’s Thursday … but Saturday’s comin’!

If you wonder what led to all this, this latest round of doom and gloom about the emerging church was sparked by Andrew Jones’ missive “Emerging Church Movement (1989-2009)?”

Andrew and I have been exchanging quite a few emails these past few days. Since writing the controversial “end of an era” blog post, I was saddened to read his “Goodbyes to Emergent Village.” He’s leaving the TransFORM Network, as well.

I understand and respect that Andrew has a different focus in the work he is trying to do, and I wish him all the best. His contributions to the global conversation will no doubt continue to challenge and make Emergent Village (and TransFORM) better, whether he considers himself a part of it or not.



Posted on 01-07-2010

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