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It’s that time of the year again—year-end lists are abounding and, by all accounts, year-end giving is going to be the boon for many non-profits that it has been in years past.

A number of people I know have non-profit ventures that are worthy of support. I would support all of them if I could, but since I can’t, I want to highlight just a few of them:

Tom Davis at Children’s HopeChest has received a $20,000 grant to stop sex trafficking in Russia if it can be matched by midnight, December 31. Tom writes, “When you give, you are helping stop sex trafficking in Russia before it starts. You’re helping HopeChest stay ahead of the prostitution rings that are targeting vulnerable orphans.”

Bowie Snodgrass at Faith House Manhattan is seeking $58,000 to continue its operations in 2010. Faith House founder and Christian co-leader Samir Selmanovic writes, “The world is hurt not only by the actions of religious extremist minorities but by the religious ignorance and indifference of the majority. Tolerance and appreciation between religions is simply not enough. We all must dig further into our texts, traditions, and practices to help us experience, understand and actually learn to need one another.” Faith House is an “urban laboratory of interdependence” where this is happening, and it’s exciting to see.

Christine and Tom Sine at Mustard Seed Associates continue to do innovative and important work that benefits the broader church. Christine writes, “Looking back on 2009 … we were on the creative edge of providing resources and hosting events that stimulated innovative responses to the economic downturn. Peoples’ faith has been strengthened as they have been equipped to live into God’s future and be God’s compassionate witnesses in these turbulent times.”

Troy Bronsink is the abbot of Neighbor’s Abbey in southwest Atlanta. He’s put together a nifty “Big Small Near Far” campaign to ask 200 people to support the Abbey $10 per month in 2010. Watch the video to get the picture:

Of course, I’m working with a new network called TransFORM that I’m looking forward to getting off the ground in 2010, and donations are being accepted for that as well. If anyone is so inclined to support TransFORM financially, please be sure to select “TransFORM” from the “Budget” dropdown. I’d be very grateful.



Posted on 12-30-2009


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