Me and the Godfather of Cool


Chris Yambar and Steve Knight

Twelve years ago, I was publishing an underground ‘zine called Kamikaze Magazine, and Chris Yambar was an underground comic book artist. I published some of Chris’ artwork in Kamikaze, but we had never met—until last night.

Chris was in Charlotte to speak today at the commencement for the Art Institute. He was also interviewed by Mike Collins for the full hour this morning on “Charlotte Talks.” At the very end of the interview, he gave a shout out to my friends at Area 15, who are hosting the Brian McLaren event in February. That was fun to hear!

So Chris’ time here in Charlotte was short—and jam-packed—which is why it was so great to get to hang out with him last night and meet the man in person after all these years!

We talked about what we’ve been up to over the past decade and how far God has taken each of us. Chris now works for Matt Groening, writing for The Simpsons comic books, and he also continues to publish his own independent comic books. (He’s also an irreverent reverend and a rather unconventional volunteer police chaplain. Just ask him sometime about his strategies for talking down “jumpers”!)

He announced officially on “Charlotte Talks” that he’ll be licensing some of his characters to be done up in CGI/3D animation soon, so that should be really cool. In fact, he has been dubbed the “Godfather of Cool” in the indie comic world. Pretty great stuff. As I told him last night, I love it when good people have good things happen to them. I wish Chris and his wife all the best, and I hope he comes back to Charlotte again soon!



Posted on 12-14-2007


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