I’m An Early Adopter


But I’m not usually this “early” when it comes to books. So that tells you there’s something different about Brian McLaren’s new book, right? Well, it’s no secret I like the guy. I had lunch with him a month ago out in Asheville. A year ago, Anthony Smith and I had beer and pizza with him up in Winston-Salem. Next February we’re organizing a major event with Brian here in Charlotte. Until this year, though, I confess, I’d never read any of his books. Now I’ve read two of ’em (Generous Orthodoxy and Secret Message of Jesus), and I’m already a few chapters into Everything Must Change. So far, I have to say I agree with what Mike and Bob have said about the book.

If the argument is that Emergent/emerging church people are all mostly talk and no very little action (and/or even when there is action, it is really just more legalism), then Brian’s book will no doubt be a catalyst for greater and wider engagement in global and local concerns—motivated from a kingdom theological core (or, as my pirate friend Tripp Fuller likes to say, kin-dom).

Don’t be a hater, ya’ll.
Don’t swallow the anti-Brian propaganda.
Please don’t write this stuff off.
Check into it and judge for yourself.




Posted on 10-02-2007

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