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I don’t know Mark Driscoll personally, but … I’m listening to his talk last week here in North Carolina, and I think he deserves more than a wink. So I’m going with Scott Andreas on this one:

Mark, Let's Be Friends

Congrats to Mark on generating loads more controversy which will undoubtedly sell some of his many new books—and maybe a few copies of Brian’s new book coming out next week too!

UPDATE: Tripp Fuller was at the Convergent Conference where Driscoll went on the record with his theological deconstruction of McLaren, Pagitt, and Rob Bell. He’s finally started blogging about it. Read “Driscoll, Acts 29, and the Demerging Church.”

UPDATE 9/26/2007: Anthony Smith has come out of blog retirement (well, not really, just a hiatus really) with the some initial comments on Driscoll’s talk at Convergent. Well worth reading.



Posted on 09-25-2007


  1. Driscoll, Bill Maher of the emerging church? « Musings of a Postmodern Negro says:

    September 26th, 2007 at 2:24 am

    […] Driscoll, Bill Maher of the emerging church? What a way to come out of blog retirement.  My friend Steve Knight dropped me a line this evening about a conference that recently took place in Raleigh, NC. Essentially in my backyard.  I remembered that I was supposed to attend this conference with a friend.  I didn’t go because I forgot about it to be honest.  The conference has received a little buzz due to its ‘deconstruction’ of the emerging church movement and some of its more well known leaders (e.g. Brian McLaren, et al.).  The conference was hosted by a church-planting network called the Acts 29 network.  The network seems to be a conservative-lite Reformed theology that seeks to be  revelant to a postmodern culture that is believed to have lost its soul.  I don’t really know the entire landscape of the conference. Aside from the fact that the militaristic image of a bootcamp is used to convey the ethos of the conference (which I find interesting during a time of Crusade) I thought it refreshing to hear a little theological/cultural satire.  I’ll have to listen more.  […]

  2. Tony Myles says:

    September 27th, 2007 at 9:34 am

    What I believe is always necessary in the church is counter-intuitive voices who seek to ensure that no theological extreme drifts off on its own momentum. When this doesn’t happen, movements of reformation need to begin that often seem more divisive than welcome. Martin Luther is the classic example, of course, but some might argue that this is true of methodology as well – in which case Hybels and Warren (whom futurist Malcolm Gladwell recently cited as having dramatic influence over evangelical pastors caring about social issues) matter, too.

    Driscoll is a bully, though. While I’m not inclined to give him my milk money, I’m not afraid to call him out as such. He seems to get the most attention when he picks on someone, whereas a soft critique with constructive thinking would be easier to hear.

    Here’s the rub, though – were not some of God’s own prophets considered unwelcome verbal bullies, too? Yikes.

    So honestly – Mark is saying stuff we need to lean into and pick apart – and as we grab the seeds from the weeds, hopefully the Church will have a healthier future.


  3. Mark Driscoll, this Wink’s for you. | pomomusings | progressive theology & design says:

    September 27th, 2007 at 7:26 pm

    […] UPDATE: Join the *Wink Revolution* – here are some winkers: Doug, Tony, Mike, Marissa, Gavin, Josh, Will, Jay, Kyle, Andrew, Brother Maynard Josh, Blake, Joe, Nick and Kay. Some are giving peace signs: Scott and Steve. Technorati Tags: Brian McLaren, Doug Pagitt, Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill, Rob Bell, Southern Baptists […]

  4. Fernando’s Desk » With A Wink And A Nod… says:

    August 26th, 2008 at 5:49 am

    […] is this just makes me feel sad at a very deep level – so I’m joing the post-winkers (like Steve and C. Scott). It also reminds me of some profound experiences that have marked the journey towards […]

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