Bourne Again


Gareth Higgins gets the “best headline” award for the title of his latest post on the God’s Politics blog: ‘Bourne’ Again? Becky and I saw The Bourne Ultimatum recently, and I was thoroughly entertained by it. But Higgins is much more thoughtful about it than I am, so listen to him: “[British film-maker Paul] Greengrass’ intelligent treatment of violence continues at the climax of The Bourne Ultimatum, when the protagonist looks into the eyes of a would-be assassin and asks, ‘Do you even know why you’re supposed to kill me?’ … I’m glad that in a summer beset by exploding robots, women with machine guns for legs, and Bruce Willis killing people with cars for our pleasure, at least one action film is attempting to tell the truth about violence. To Bourne’s final question I would add, ‘Do we even know why we are entertained by men and women killing each other?'”

I’m in Great Britain at the moment, BTW, and it’s very grey and rainy here. Has been all week. Watch this video and you’ll see a little bit of the bleak weather (and a short comment from me on the Gospel):



Posted on 08-23-2007

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