The Iraq War Narrative Must Change


Brian McLaren writes on the God’s Politics blog today about “Reactivity and Iraq”: “[James W. Skillen of the Center for Public Justice] summarized the basic narrative of the Iraq War that both our president and his party and many Democrats seem to share: ‘… first, America liberated Iraq from Saddam Hussein; second, we returned sovereignty to the Iraqi people; third, sectarian violence tragically increased; and now, in the fourth phase, we are ‘deploying reinforcements and launching new operations to help Iraqis bring security to their people.’ The elegant word Skillen chooses to describe this narrative is ‘delusional.'”

The Iraq War narrative must change. Everything Must Change.



Posted on 08-15-2007


  1. Eric says:

    August 22nd, 2007 at 7:56 am

    The word of choice is not just “delusional” but “patronistic”. For Americans, even up to our state department, it is beyond us to imagine that a people would not be able to seize democracy. So we fault the victim. The basic problem, from the Iraqi viewpoint, is legitimacy. When governments are perceived as illegitimate, people naturally take matters into their own hands. The battlefield then becomes the maintanence/disruption of the status quo…Multi-sectarian societies are held up by the status quo in that part of the world. That may be the tyranny of history. But it is not one that is illegitimate, however much our democratic veins disdain it. Justice, not democracy, is what is what is important to your average Middle Easterner. Without legitimacy you cannot enforce a conception of justice all can live with.

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