The Future of Emergent Village


Emergent VillageTony Jones has said that the recent Midwest Emergent Gathering was “a picture of the future of Emergent.”

As Mike Clawson, one of the event organizers, explains, “Some have said that we are on the cusp of a new Reformation. However, in a flat, wiki-world Reformation is not likely to happen through large movements or charismatic leaders. It’s going to happen as small groups of revolutionaries begin meeting locally to begin plotting together how to change the world with God’s love. That, in the end, was what the Midwest Gathering was all about.”

That’s also what our local Emergent Village cohort group is about here in Charlotte—and it’s what gets me excited thinking about other upcoming regional gatherings:

It’s my hope and prayer that these events are also snapshots of the church that is emerging as well as catalysts for broader and deeper community/partnerships/friendships regionally. Are you (or is someone you know) living in the Southeast United States? Please help spread the word about these opportunities to connect!



Posted on 08-02-2007

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