Meme Time


I’ve been tagged a couple of times in the past six months for these meme things. If you aren’t familiar with what a “meme” is, go to the font of all wisdom Wikipedia for a good explanation. I’m finally on vacation and able to supply my (much delayed) responses:

Five Things I Dig About Jesus
1) He is the Way
2) He is the Truth
3) He is the Life
4) He is God [this is the one that really takes faith]
5) He has shown me how to follow God

Thanks to Luis Batista for tagging me for this meme. Sorry I’m not inclined at this moment to tag anyone else though. The meme may die with me. Too bad, so sad.

Thinking Bloggers
Tripp Fuller tagged me on this meme and said some nice things about me to boot, so that was nice. I’m someone who gets Tripp thinking, apparently, and now I get to name five bloggers who consistently get me thinking:

1) Jeff Jarvis
2) Fernando Gros
3) Scot McKnight
4) DJ Chuang
5) Anthony Smith



Posted on 07-19-2007


  1. Luis F. Batista says:

    July 20th, 2007 at 5:17 pm

    Thank you for joining me in this meme. It is amazing to see the many views of the people about Jesus!

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