A Call to Kingdom Journalism


The June 2007 issue of Lausanne World Pulse was posted on Friday, and the theme of this issue is “International Communication and the Church.” There are some great articles in this edition, but I’d especially like to draw your attention to my article “A Call to Kingdom Journalism: Rediscovering the Integral Role of Communication in Mission.”

As I wrote on my Kingdom Journalism blog, this is my most complete articulation to date of my thoughts on kingdom journalism. I hope that those of you who read my article will feel free to add your amens and your ahems. You can post a comment on the LWP site or you can post feedback in the comments there as well. Whatever you do, I hope you’ll really engage it and share your opinions (positive or negative). And please pass this article along to others you know who might be interested. Thanks!



Posted on 06-03-2007


  1. Steven Burleson says:

    June 5th, 2007 at 10:27 pm

    No prob Dude! I enjoyed what you had to say!

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