I Consume Words


I read books slowly, but I consume blogs, articles, and websites like candy. Here’s just a sample of my latest conspicuous consumption:

ChurchRater.com (from the good folks at Off the Map)

Behind the Books (a new blog from editors at IVP)

“The Power of Parishioners” by Rick Warren

A Few Thoughts While Walking the Halls
(Judy Hougen was my college English professor, is a wonderful poet and author in her own right, and she read e.e. cummings at my wedding.)

Missional vs. Emerging Church (I would suggest listening to Ryan Bolger before reading anything by Ed Stetzer)(HT: Rodger Sellers)

Wait! John Franke says Missional and Emerging are one and the same (plus includes this challenging advice from Scot McKnight: “be missional yourself, surround yourself with some other missional folks, stay in loving communication with your leadership, and only break away if it becomes intolerable or insufferable.” That’s a hard word, Scot, a hard word.)

“Immythigration” by Bill Dahl

Richard Florida on Creativity and Religion (props to Rod for getting Florida’s attention)

The Art of Showing Pure Incompetence at an Unwanted Task (I know people who are brilliant at this)



Posted on 04-28-2007


  1. Fernando’s Desk » Blog Archive » From Around The Blogs says:

    April 30th, 2007 at 9:27 am

    […] Creativity and Religion via Knightopia – Blogger Rod Garvin has struck up a conversation with one of my favourite writers, Richard Florida (see my thoughts on the creative class here). Whilst I see Florida’s work as essential to understanding both globalisation and the economic role of creativity in society and I hold creativity to be an essential theological category in my own understanding I have to sadly admit that faith and creativity are seldom an active mix in global cities. At least seldom is not never and where they do mix, the combination is powerful. Maybe the biggest challenge is how to allow that small edge of global creative faith at work in the creative class to speak to the rest of the church? […]

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