Going Dark


One of the most interesting phenomenon on the Web (in my opinion) is when individuals or organizations decide to “go dark” by shutting down their blogs/websites. Rob Schlapfer shut down his suite of sites in September. The latest example is the Bruderhof Communities, which had been publishing a very popular daily update called The Daily Dig. Their entire site now simply says, “We welcome visitors at all our communities.” Tim Samoff pays tribute.



Posted on 12-09-2005


  1. djchuang says:

    December 10th, 2005 at 5:27 pm

    Not sure what it is that you find intersting about sites going dark, when it seems to me to be a mere inevitability that some people and some orgs don’t get the web, and run out of steam from keeping it going. Or to say it another way, it may be similar to the organizational lifecycle chart, that an entity ramps up, plateaus, and then declines to its demise, be it businesses, churches, or websites, unless for occasional S-curve of innovation and change.

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