Rumors of Another Webmaster


I have a confession to make: I was once a cyber-squatter.

Yes, it’s true. One of those people who buys domain names and tries to sell them at a profit to other people. I did that. I sold a couple domains. Made a few hundred bucks. Then there was

It was partly motivated by genuine appreciation for Yancey’s writing — and partly motivated by my selfish desire to make money on the Web. Well, it was a pretty foolish dream, and it died pretty hard. But Zondervan thought I did a pretty good job on the site, and they took it off my hands. Then went silent — for a few years.

Now it’s back! And it’s better than ever. He’s even got his own blog. Well, sort of. Check it out. It’s pretty good, and I can’t take any credit for that.

[His new book is getting some good buzz too. Should be pretty good.]



Posted on 11-07-2003

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