Say It Aint Over


I saw Over the Rhine perform at Stella Blue in Asheville a few weeks ago on their new tour, promoting their new double-CD “Ohio.” It was a great show, and the new touring band sounded amazing. The new songs were hooky and lush and achingly beautiful. They still are.

My only disappointment on the record is the song “Long Lost Brother,” which features the chorus “Jesus and Mary / can you carry us / across this ocean / into the arms of forgiveness.” I love the lyric. It just bothers me that 99% of the time it sounds like “couldn’t carry us” — which I think is a very different message than the one of questioning and longing and hoping they probably intended.

Well, now I’ve learned the “Ohio” tour has been postponed. Linford and Karin are working to “preserve” their marriage. I hope it works! I think it’s an incredible thing to lay your life bare through your art and to be so transparent about your struggles like that. I have the utmost respect for them for sharing that with the world and for taking time off from promoting a record to focus on the thing that is infinitely more important.

My hats off to them, and I hope that the Good Lord binds them together as husband and wife. To anyone who would tell them to get back on the road and hype their new record, I have four words: The world can wait.



Posted on 11-06-2003

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