A Word About Changes Coming in 2013

January 3, 2013

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Robert V. Taylor is encouraging us all to choose one word to set as our intention for 2013. His word is awe. I like that word, but I think for me I’m reaching for something much more simple, something more practical — transition, or, adjustment, or perhaps adaptation.

Most significantly for me, on a personal note (because this is, first and foremost, a personal blog), I celebrated my 17th — and last — year of marriage in 2012. In 2013, I will be divorced, and with that comes an incredible amount of change and adjustment. Thankfully I’ve had nearly a year to adapt already — and I’ve got a great support team around me, including family, friends, pastor, therapist, spiritual director, tattoo artist, etc. (Much more could be said about this, but I’ll leave it here for now.)

Also, for the past two years, I’ve had the privilege of traveling around the country and speaking at conferences and one-on-one with individuals about starting new, experimental, missional communities of practice. I’ve been preaching the Gospel of being bi-vocational to prospective “church planters,” and yet I’ve had the luxury of doing this as my full-time job with Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation. In 2013, I will be continuing my work with Church Extension Financial and Missional Resources (CEFMR, the parent organization of Hope Partnership) but in a different role and in only a half-time capacity.

WildGoose_230x230As I’m discovering, my work in 2013 will actually be more tri-(or quad-?)vocational than bi-vocational, which will again present new challenges and things I’m both looking forward to and nervous about tackling.

In one of my other new roles, I’ll be serving as Partnership & Promotion Coordinator for Wild Goose Festival, which I’m extremely excited about! Want to help publicize the festival? Or find out how your organization/company can partner with us to make the 2013 festival the best one yet? Contact me!

I’m still looking for another part-time job, so if you know of opportunities out there and organizations looking for someone with my skills, experience, and network, please let me know!

GoodMenProject-230x230In other news, I’m the new Co-Editor of “In Good Faith,” the religion and spirituality channel of The Good Men Project, which is another project I’m honored to be associated with. The Good Men Project’s mission is “sparking a conversation about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century.” Want to write for The Good Men Project? Contact me and let me know. (And no, you don’t have to be a man to write for GMP!)

I’ve also joined the social media team for TEDxCharlotte 2013, which takes place on February 15. I’m very much looking forward to being part of the local TEDx gathering again this year. I’ve participated in both of the two previous events here in Charlotte, and I’m proud to be part of the TED community.

And, of course, the work continues to grow and build Sogo Media, a new kind of Christian television network on YouTube. We have so many wonderful contributors — I feel very fortunate to get to conspire goodness with these amazing men and women.

Looking ahead … I’ll be presenting a pecha kucha presentation at the upcoming Emergence Christianity conference in Memphis, Tennessee, January 11-12. If you’re planning to be there, please give me a shout, and let’s connect!

I’ll be speaking at the Disciples Seminary Foundation in Claremont, California, on February 22.

We’ve also got our next TransFORM Network regional gathering coming up April 5-6, hosted by Brite Divinity School in Fort Worth, Texas. Registration is only $25, and we’re limiting registration to the first 100 people, so if you’re in the Southwest, I hope you’ll register and plan to participate in this very practical, relational gathering of missional practitioners.

Will our paths cross (online or in-person) this coming year? I hope so!

One thought on “A Word About Changes Coming in 2013

  1. Steve:

    It is like , in astrolicial terms, you had numerous sectors crashing in your life. Lots of changes for you and your family, and I hope you know we have been thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers.

    And if you have room for a menopausal soccer Mom, I would love to write for The Good Men Project. Having come of age durig the tail end of the feminist movement, there is much to say.. 🙂

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