I Started a Company and I Need Your Help

November 25, 2012

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With the help of my friend and business partner Phil Shepherd, I launched a new media company a couple of weeks ago called Sogo. Sogo is a new kind of Christian television network … on YouTube!

I began developing this idea for Sogo at the beginning of 2012, after reading this fascinating article about Google’s plans for YouTube in TIME magazine. Essentially Google is investing millions of dollars to develop new channels of higher-quality, longer-form video content in order to compete with broadcast and cable television. With more and more Internet-enabled devices entering people’s living rooms, Google wants you to watch YouTube from the comfort of your couch — and with it, lots of video ads that help make the world go ’round.

That’s the business model Sogo is based on, as well. All of our videos are “monetized,” meaning it’s all free but you “pay” by watching a short ad before the video plays. Our goal is to get enough views that we generate ad revenue, which we’re then able to share with our awesome contributors.

Phil and I are both doing video shows on Sogo. My new show, called “OnReligion,” is a weekly recap/review show of the best religion and spirituality videos on YouTube. I’m trying to curate the best faith-related videos on YouTube, and I’d love to get your help:

Here’s a taste of my new show, “OnReligion”:

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