Why I'm Defending Billy Graham

October 19, 2012

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I realize I’m a very unlikely defender of Billy Graham’s legacy, but in the past six months, there has just been a bizarre series of political statements issued by the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (which I worked for for six years, 2000-2006) under Billy Graham’s name that seem very uncharacteristic for Mr. Graham and, in fact, go against his own stated regrets about past forays into politics.

Back at the end of July 2012, I wrote about my misgivings in a well-read and well-circulated article on The Huffington Post, entitled “Billy Graham Is Not An Anti-Gay Bigot.”

After that article was published, I was contacted by a close Graham family friend who confirmed much of what I was speculating about in my article, but who wished to remain anonymous.

My friend Phil Shepherd invited me on his Outlaw Theology vidcast to talk about this whole situation. If you want to know what I think about all this (spoiler alert: I’m pissed!), here’s that conversation (warning: profanity):

I’ve started creating some Facebook meme images to use quotes from past interviews with Billy Graham to rebut the statements being issued under Billy Graham’s name in 2012. Please feel free to post these and share these:


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