My Plans for Wild Goose Festival 2012

June 17, 2012

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Wild Goose Festival 2012Wild Goose Festival 2012, also known now as Wild Goose East*, takes place this week here in North Carolina.

It’s the second year for this fantastic festival, and I’ve been so honored to be a small part of the planning and promotion of this wild and wonderful new space at the intersection of creativity, spirituality, music, and justice.

This year the festival schedule has been posted online well in advance of the event itself, and I’ve gone through and mercilessly planned out how I’m going to spend my days.**

Here’s what my Wild Goose Festival schedule looks like. What are you planning to do?

It’s not too late to come to the festival! If you’re within driving distance, please consider coming out for even just a day or two. Do not miss this awesome opportunity! Day passes and evening passes are available if that’s all you can afford to do time-wise or money-wise. (Use promotional code DISCIPLES to save 15% on tickets!)

Thursday, June 21

5:30 PM Opening Ceremony Main Stage
6:30 PM David LaMotte (Music) Main Stage
8:00 PM Nelson & Joyce Johnson – Living the Dream: Civil Rights Today Exodus***
9:00 PM Shane Claiborne & Friends: The Gospel of Rutba Exodus***
10:30 PM Pete Rollins: The Good News of Uncertainty and Dissatisfaction Exodus***
12:00 AM Rev. Vince Anderson – DJ set Performance Cafe

Friday, June 22

9:00 AM Brian McLaren & Pam Wilhelms Morning Prayer/opening session Main Stage
10:00 AM Randy Woodley: Beginnings – The Land Cries Out for Justice Exodus
11:00 AM Tom Sine & Matt Pritchard: Communities of Celebration and Sustainability Exodus
12:00 PM Alexia Salvatierra: Strangers and Aliens – How the Immigration Crisis Affects You Exodus
12:30PM Aradhna (Music) Performance Cafe
1:00 PM Dave Andrews: Journeying in the Heart of Community Return
2:00 PM Anthony Smith: Speaking in Tongues – Collaborative Black Pentecostal Spirituality Return
3:00 PM Dori Baker: The Barefoot Way Coffee Barn
4:00 PM Brian McLaren: Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha and Mohammed Cross the Road? Exodus
5:00 PM Roger Wolsey: The Progressive Reformation Return
6:00 PM Vincent Harding: Calling All Exiles Exodus
7:00 PM Lisa Sharon Harper: Embracing Your Political ‘Other’ Exodus
8:00 PM Justin Lee: Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays vs. Christians Debate Exodus
9:00 PM Jennifer Knapp (Music) Main Stage
10:00 PM Phil Madeira’s Mercyland featuring Dave Perkins, Cindy Morgan, David Mansfield,
Bryan Owings, Byron House and friends… (Music)
Main Stage
11:00 PM Late Night Prayer –  Chris Copeland/Micah Christian  (Immediately following mainstage music) Return
12:00 AM Rev. Vince Anderson – DJ set Performance Cafe

Saturday, June 23

9:00 AM Brian McLaren & Pam Wilhelms Morning Prayer/opening session Main Stage
10:00 AM Pamela Wilhelms/Brian McLaren: The Soul of the Next Economy Performance Cafe
11:00 AM Phyllis Tickle: From Constantine to the Birth Control Pill to Us Exodus
12:00 PM Spencer Burke: Soulutions Session Exodus
1:00 PM Scott Bass & Brian Ammons: Interview on Restorative Justice Return
2:00 PM Beer and Hymns w/Agents of Future and friends Performance Cafe
3:00 PM Cathleen Falsani: Gracespotting – Listening to Your Life Return
4:00 PM Listener (Music) Performance Cafe
5:00 PM Tom Sine: Beyond the American Dream – Creating Resilient Local Communities for Turbulent Times Return
6:00 PM (Amazing Faiths Dinner – meet at Coffee Barn) Coffee Barn
7:00 PM Open Table Eucharist Shadow
8:00 PM Charter for Compassion with Triangle Interfaith Alliance Exodus
9:00 PM Rev. William Barber (9.30-10pm) Main Stage
10:00 PM Homebrewed Christianity show Coffee Barn
11:00 PM The Gallows – A Play by Peter Rollins Shadow
Homebrewed Christianity show continues Coffee Barn
12:00 AM The Gallows continues… Shadow
Ric Hordinski + band late night performance Performance Cafe

Sunday, June 24

9:00 AM Brian McLaren & Pam Wilhelms Morning Prayer/opening session Main Stage
10:00 AM Carl McColman: Contemplation as a Subversive Act Exodus
11:00 AM Sunday Service: Destroying the Walls of Separation (bring lunch to share) Main Stage
12:00 PM Sunday Service continues… Main Stage
1:00 PM Mark & Lisa Scandrette: Thriving as a Family at the intersection of the Arts, Justice and Spirituality Return
2:00 PM Lauren Winner/Karin Bergquist/Linford Detweiler: Winner’s words, Over the Rhine’s sounds Exodus
3:00 PM Darkwood Brew show: The Wild Goose Convergence Performance Cafe
4:00 PM Chris Stedman: Faitheist Performance Cafe
5:00 PM Joel McKerrow: Performance Poetry from the Land Down Under Performance Cafe
6:00 PM Aaron Strumpel (Music) Performance Cafe
7:00 PM Over the Rhine (Music) Main Stage
8:00 PM David Crowder (Music) Main Stage
9:00 PM Gungor (Music) Main Stage
10:00 PM Ric Hordinski’s All-Star  Revue (Music) Main Stage
11:00 PM (Festival Closes 11.30pm or late!) Main Stage


*There’s also a Wild Goose West taking place in Oregon over Labor Day weekend this year!

**This is all subject to change at a moment’s notice and the Spirit’s leading.

***I’ll be hosting the Exodus stage on Thursday night, so come by and say hi!

****At some point and time, Mike Clawson and I will also be co-hosting a conversation with Emergent Village cohort people, so watch for that and come join that conversation!

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  1. You and so many of my other good friends, Hugh! It was brutal having to make these decisions (note: subject to change). I’m looking forward to seeing you there though, too!

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