Appreciative Inquiry: The 3 Stories In Every Situation

May 28, 2011

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According to Rev. Dr. Rob Voyle, there are always three stories in every situation:
    1) the victim story
    2) the survival story
    3) the thrive story

The tragedy, Voyle says, is, “Many victims don’t know that they’ve survived.”

[Pause and reflect on that for a moment.]

Instead, they are so stuck in replaying that narrative of victimhood, that they haven’t moved on to recognize and tell their own story of survival, which they need to do in order to move beyond, to a story of thriving.

We have a lot of “victims” in our churches who are resistant to change. We need to help these people (young and old, alike) open themselves to new ideas and new possibilities. One such provocative idea/possibility from Volye is this: “What would happen to our churches if they … simply became places to support people to do what they love?”

In the Christian tradition, Voyle compared these three stories to:
    1) Bad/Good Friday (the crucifixion of Jesus)
    2) Holy Saturday (the time of calm and yet confusion)
    3) Resurrection Sunday (the victory of grace over death, the inbreaking of new life and new possibility, the event that turns Bad Friday into Good Friday)

What has this post got you thinking? Are you hurting, surviving, or thriving?


In this fantastic video from The Work of The People (recorded on the morning Bin Laden was killed, before it had been announced), Tripp Fuller shares a thought-provoking story about serving eucharist to Osama Bin Laden.

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