Three Tweets on Human Trafficking

May 24, 2009

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These three tweets on the subject of human trafficking all came across my Twitter stream today, and each one struck me as a powerful piece of information. (This is exactly why I swim in the Twitter stream, after all, to find interesting useful new information!)

I thought I’d just compile them here for others I know who care about this issue and those who might be interested in learning more:

@towardhope: Human trafficking is the second largest industry worldwide and the fastest growing, annual profits of $32 billion. [UPDATE: @cfpdx: Now $36B]

@cfpdx: The countries that have legalized prostitution have become magnets for human trafficking. (NYTimes op-ed)

@earthmystic: Sobering article on human trafficking by a friend of mine who works for Catholic Relief Services

2 thoughts on “Three Tweets on Human Trafficking

  1. Steve, as much as I appreciate the first comment, it’s unfortunately not very accurate. At 32 billion it wouldn’t crack the radar. Wal Mart alone as example has revenues of 379 billion, and Exxon has 379 billion. The energy industry is easily first, with arms, banking, pharma and technology easily pushing the top of the list.

    I don’t doubt trafficking is up there but the numbers cited have to be incorrect.

  2. Good point, Jonathan. I guess I was assuming (and inserting the words where they aren’t explicitly stated) that this was referring to *criminal* “industry”/activity. But now that you say that it causes me to think that the drug trade is probably far higher than that, as well.

    This appears to be the original source, BTW:

    Hmmmm … Twitter FAIL?

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